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We are sushi addicts and order at least once per week. Years ago, we were regulars at New Ginza until we had a miserable experience with one of the managers. They messed about our order and forgot some nigiri. When we went back the next time, we pointed this out expecting to get a couple of extra pieces or a financial credit. Instead, the manager did not even offer an apology and just shrugged it off. So we found some other great places and took our business there for many years, costing New Ginza $thousands$ (we are a large family with an average order of about $150). However, they were one of the first sushi restaurants to sign up with GrubHub, UberEats and other apps we use, so we decided to give them a try. Their sushi is still delicious, as is all their other food, including noodle bowls. So we love New Ginza once again, though we still go to some other places as well.


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We have ordered from New Ginza on dozens of occasions and have been extremely satisfied with our experience each and every time. The food is excellent and the service is of the highest quality. Great place!


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Restaurant was very attentive, called me back as soon as they received the order, and it arrived about 20 min before estimated delivery. Food is also good


1 review
Lovely place to dine in (much cozier atmosphere than many sushi restaurants) and great take out and delivery service as well.


1 review
The food was delicious and the delivery was 20mins early. I'm very pleased and plan to order again in the future. Thank you!

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Fresh fish, great quality and quantity for the price


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I will order again.

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With the success of both Ginza of Chinatown and Brookline assured, David Chen opened New Ginza of Watertown in 21 serving the finest in traditional and modern Japanese cuisine. To help achieve this goal, David brought in Masaki Hisanagi from Japan. With over 3 years of training and experience, Masaki-san personally overseas a staff of highly qualified sushi sous-chefs in order to tailor our Japanese cuisine to the individual requests and tastes of our regular customers. This interaction between our customers and our staff is just one of the major ways in which New Ginza makes our customers feel welcome and comfortable.